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We have been serving residents in the greater Southeast Texas area since 1982

We provide a Wide Variety of Spa and Pool related products and services at very affordable prices

Conroe Spa Plus and Olympic Pools sell the top brands in Spa and Pool Maintanence

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With a brand new Spa or Hot Tub at home you will be able to alleviate stress,relax,entertain with friends,improve your landscape,spend quality time with family,and be much healthier and happy.You and everyone in your life will enjoy the hot water,soothing massage,and invigorating hydro-therapy. There is no better way to spend time with friends and family while relaxing in your own Hot Tub.

Everyone needs some time to relax and meditate and a hot tub is a natural addition to your backyard sanctuary.It will become the perfect place to find the balance you require.The calmness of a proper wellness regimen will come over you and improve all aspect of your life. It all starts with the right state of mind and nothing helps you achieve that better than quiet time in your.In just a few minutes every day you can reduce your stress,re-connect with those you love,and have fun with friends and loved ones,all part of a balanced approach to life.With life's ever increasing velocity,it's never been so important to create ways to maintain your personal wellness and health. Many doctors and chiropractors recommend and even prescribe hydrotherapy as part of treatment for their patients.


Whether you’re juggling work and family,recovering from a joint or muscle injury,or simply needing to unwind from the day’s stresses,spa hydrotherapy provides both relaxation,healing effects and nourishing rejuvenation.

Heat:Improves circulation and speeds recovery in damaged tissue.

Buoyancy:Reduces effects of pressure on joints and spine.

Massage:Relieves muscle tension and alleviates stress.

The healing benefits of hydrotherapy have been known to all of the world’s great cultures,with a history that dates back thousands of years.Ancient Egyptians bathed in heated waters treated with flowers and herbs,while the Greeks believed that water therapy was essential to optimal health.In India,hydrotherapy was an essential ingredient to well-being,with treatment that included inhaling steam to optimize the respiratory system.The Romans were famous for their hot spring baths,and developed architecturally magnificent healing centers built around the use of water for wellness.Much like today’s spas,the Roman baths included heated pools used in conjunction with steam treatments.Japan and Germany have historically used natural hot springs for hydrotherapy in an attempt to treat medical conditions,enhance beauty,and promote healthy aging.

In its modern form, hot tub hydrotherapy has been found to be effective in treating muscle pains and stiffness,inflammatory disease,and the symptoms of daily stress.Particularly effective are spa hydrotherapy treatments that combine the components of heated water,water massage,and reduction of pressure on sore joints by decreasing body weight through buoyancy.

Today,Sundance continues these centuries-old traditions by enhancing the restorative properties of water.Sundance spa hydrotherapy uses massage,heat and buoyancy to accelerate your body’s natural healing process,and promote physical and mental well-being. Conroe Pools and Spas wants the chance to earn you business and hopes you come by our showroom to wet test one today..



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